Jeff Hughes instructed classes to our officers of the Laurel Highlands School District Police Department in July. We found Mr. Hughes to be professional, direct, and informative in his approach. At the end of the weekend seminar we feel our officer are more prepared and ready for any situation that may arise and are confident in their certification and use of them. I would highly recommend Mr. Hughes for any of the courses offered through his organization.

Thank You,

Gene Doria, Acting Chief of Police

Mr. Jeffrey Hughes,

We the Connellsville Police Auxiliary would like to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff did with the training your provided for our officers. We all thought your instructions were very well presented and easy to understand. We have taken training before on the PR-24 but several of our officers found it hard to follow the instructions as they were presented. Your demonstrations were quite clear and easy to follow. Your staff worked well with our officers and the way you included them in some of the demonstrations really helped them to understand the importance of the training they were taking. It helped them better understand that is something we needed and the better we can perform our duties as outlined by the City of Connellsville Police. Again, I and my fellow officers wish to thank you and your staff and look forward to training with you and your staff in the near future.


Captain Larry Hart, Connellsville Police Auxiliary

My name is Jack Dickson, I am the District Trainer for Allied Barton Security Services. I am responsible for the training of new security officers and follow up training for seasoned officers. In total, i handle the training of over 800 plus officers and managers. I have known Mr. Hughes for almost two years, he came highly recommended when i was seeking instructors for the Chemical munitions and Handcuffing training. Mr. Hughes was very articulate in his presentation of the material and his emphasis for practical application was nothing short of superb. Mr. Hughes's knowledge and skills in both practical application and classroom were quite evident in approach to the techniques and the understanding of the human reaction. The other directors and I were impressed with professionalism, adabtability and attention to detail. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to hire Mr. Hughes as our instructor. I would personally recommend him for any training that an organization may be seeking. Again, his professionalism, confidence, and knowledge are top notch.

Jack Dickson, District Trainer/Recruiter, Allied Barton Security Services


RFCMMA has been a great influence for my daughter, she has lost weight, gained confidence and discipline and enjoys the family atmosphere of RFCMMA. The instructors are very dedicated to the youth group and their personal development. Sensei Hughes and Sr. Instructor Lewis are two of the finest people i have met as well as fantastic Instructors. It is refreshing to see a family oriented facility where the students come first. Congratulations to all on the Hall of Fame inductions.


Grandmaster Witcher has been tremendous with all the students during his visit, he will be sadly missed when he goes back to Ireland, Master Day, Instructors Toni Horan, and Ryan Kay were awesome during their stay with demonstrations. I know Sensei Hughes will carry their influence over in to the new year.


I am the speaker coordinator for the Uniontown Chestnut Ridge Rotary. Recently, our club enjoyed a presentation by Jeffrey Hughes. Mr. Hughes spoke to our members about local crime statistics and what we can do as a community to not only protect ourselves, but to work towards reducing these statistics. The techniqes and commentary presented by Mr. Hughes were both enlightening and thought provoking. His use of demonstrative aids, particularly using a current student of his as well as a member of our club, was engaging and entertaining. I would strongly recommend Mr. Hughes as a guest speaker and presentation for any audience, ranging from community groups to youth groups. He is a well spoken individual with a professional attitude and an obvious devotion to the education of our community. You will not be disappointed in his presentation.

Wendy O'Brien, Esquire

As leaders of Girl Scout Troop #53000, we are writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Jeff Hughes. Mr. Hughes was a guest speaker at our girl scout meeting recently. The topic of our meeting was safety awareness. He, along with his students, presented information regarding "Stranger Danger" The topics discussed provided valuable information for our Brownie and Junior Scouts by raising awareness of dangers that may be around as well as offering tips for children to remain safe while showing them what to do if they were faced with a dangerous situation. Highly respected by his colleagues and community, Mr. Hughes also extended his knowledge of the Martial Arts to our group. He and his students inspired our troop with their impressive demonstration. We offer our sincer thanks to Mr. Hughes for visiting our meeting.

Julie Marinelli and Debbie Simpson

Congratulations!! You have been chosen as one of the Herald Standards TOP 20 People to Watch for 2012. This contest was looking for individuals in the area that are going above and beyond to make their communities better places to live and work. And, its people like you that enrich the lives of others in this area. Thanks and Congratulations again!!

Lori Goodwin Scott, Herald Standard

On April 26, Mr. Hughes was the guest speaker for the East End Community Centers Intergenerational Male Mentoring Program. Mr. Hughes presented a program on positive role model, the martial arts, and anti-bullying. The program was well presented and documented the challenges ahead in being a positive role model in the lives young men and children in the community. Mr. Hughes presented facts of the positive role Martial Arts plays in developing discipline, the physical and mental impact, and health the martial arts plays in today's society. I would highly recommend Mr. Hughes as a speaker for any organization seeking the training and expertise Mr. Hughes has to offer. Thank You

Norma Thomas, Board Chairperson California University

I would like to thank Jeff Hughes and Ron Coddington for the great class. He taught us how to protect ourselves in our homes, being aware of our surroundings, and did a great presentation on gun handling and gun safety. It was very informative and I feel more confident. Looking forward to spending time on the range and also attending Self Defense courses along with my daughter that Mr. Hughes offers. Classes can be tailored to your specific needs and the presentation is professional and informative. Thank You

Andi Bostwick Palmar

Mr. Hughes has taught several Raven Tactical International courses in seminar format over the last few years. We have been exremely pleased with his high level of professionalism and his ability as an instructor. Mr. Hughes's abilities were so respected by his peers within our organization that he was named Defensive Tactics Instructor of the Year 2012 for his excellent work. I have found Mr. Hughes to be a highly motivated trainer who has dedicated significant time and effort to continually improve and refine his abilities as a trainer. I highly recommend Mr. Hughes be given serious consideration for addition to any instructor cadre or teaching assignment.

Fernan Vargas, President - Raven Tactical International

It was a pleasure stopping by the North Union Township Recreation Center on Saturday afternoon February 23rd, to see the guys at HITS (Hughes Institute of Training and Security) in action. Jeff Hughes, Pat Collins and the rest of the staff are experts in a wide variety of weapons training, self defense, law enforcement and home security training (and just about everything you can think of in those... categories). Criminals typically don't discriminate, so we are all at risk at becoming crime victims. National statistics show that one out of every five homes suffers some type of home-invasion crime. Having self defense or home defense training may save your life. If you or someone in your family wants to learn to shoot a firearm or you own a gun, but don't know how to use it or are afraid to shoot it -- the guys at HITS can help. Give Jeff a call at 724-562-7561.
Doug Sepic, Esquire, Fayette Coounty District Attorney's Office

 Dear Jeff and Pat, Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation on AWARA and self-defense. Responses to the survey I asked everyone to complete almost all said they strongly agree that the have a deeper understanding of the dimensions of violence and that this presentation has inspired them to change their behavior in the future. You both have a way of presenting serious information in an entertaining and mindful manner. It was such a pleasure to learn from you both today and I would recommend this program and others you offer to everyone! I'm very eager to talk about your anti-bullying "Gameplan" program for kids and adults. I imagine you'll be hearing from many of the students regarding gun safety and the full AWARA program. Thank you both for making such a difference in everyone's lives. I especially like your devotion to charities. Keep speaking the peace and I look forward to working with both of you in the near future. 1000 thanks, Susan Frenchik

Susan F. Crampton-Frenchik, Ph.D.
Instructor of French
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
Coordinator, International and Intercultural Programs Office
Coordinator, Fayette Honors Program
Penn State Fayette

I love this class!! I didn't expect it to be as hands on as it was, and boy did i get it!! Great class you will see me at the next women's self defense with a few friends.

Shirley Greathouse

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The class was very informative and educational, The instructors were very nice, patient, and made you feel comfortable. Thank You!! I can't wait for the next class! I'm hooked!!!


Loved the intensity and realism of the SABER Method Edged Weapons course, Jeff is the consummate professional and really knows his way around a knife, i highly recommend Jeff and HITS for any of their programs.


Professional training by professional Instructors, a staff that cares about the Community, and the Public Safety and Law Enforcement professionals, Love that this group is active in the community and charities as well, i would recommend this group for all of your training needs as well as community involvement.


Jeff and Justin, I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and the advice on my grip, you guys are awesome, love the range, and the program for the Lethal Weapons Training was taught in a professional and practical manner, looking forward to training with you guys again

Bill D.

I attended the Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons ACT 235 re-certification class. received immaculate instruction, the instructors were very thorough and informative. I would recommend the Hughes Institute of Training and Security for any firearms training, i plan on attending more classes.

Fred B.

Jeff Hughes is a get it done type of individual whom always produces great results from his work. Jeff is one of few individuals I have worked with that holds himself accountable and has high integrity. Jeff's knowledge and expertise in law enforcement and security operations is key to our success." 
  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Chris R.

I would like to thank Jeff Hughes for hosting today's Women's Self Defense Seminar. It was a huge success. Every woman needs to take this class. You may not think you can be a victim but anyone can be. Its amazing what you can learn to save and protect yourself. Please ladies don't hesitate to take this class. Don't be a victim. Be a survivor.

Tina M.

Saying thank you doesn’t even begin to describe the gratitude I feel for Jeff Hughes. Earlier this month I attended his womens self defense seminar where I learned many simple defensive tactics and moves to disarm and disable an attacker even one who has a weapon. Although no women ever expects a violent attack to happen to them I took the class because I was robbed 2 months ago and I felt helpless, frozen, and terrified during and long after the robbery. Unbelievably less than two weeks after the class I was confronted by an attacker with a knife in my own home and rather than panic or run I used several of the moves Jeff taught me to disarm and disable him long enough to call 911 as I ran out of the house and got away. He was later apprehended by the state police and is now in jail. Not only did I not feel like a scared helpless victim this time, I felt scared but absolutely powerful and in control. And to all criminals that prey on women...you may have got me once but you picked the wrong bitch this time. Because of Jeff Hughes I am a survivor and will never feel like a victim again ...ALL women should take this class!!!

Kobi D.

Nice program by a professional group of Instructors

Jeff R. (Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper)

Strong Knowledge of course material, professional, great class

Phil P.

Instructors very knowledgeable on subject matter, very attentive to students needs. Highly recommend PSTI

Nick H.

Thank you Jeff, the course material you presented was very informative and well taught, looking forward to taking the next class

Jamie - Connellsville Police Auxiliary

Excellent presentation, common sense approach, good discussion points, Thank You

John - Uniontown Police Reserve

Training was right to the point and very assertive, excellent presentation, we will definitely be using the PSTI team for our training

Connellsville Police Auxiliary

Job well done!!

Patty - Connellsville Police Auxiliary

Thank you for a great informative class yesterday!! Had a great time & learned so much!!! Loved that Sig Sauer!!

Kathleen F.

PA Security Training Institute certified Nemacolin Woodlands Resort ...Security team in act 235. The classes were informative, work related, and all objectives were met. Jeff was able to transform the curriculum in to situations that the Officers could possibly encounter on duty. With the majority of the team working different shifts, Jeff was able to work around the teams schedule. The shooting course was great. The instructor, Jeff, was able to watch the officers shoot and solve bad techniques the Officers have picked up over the years. Safety on the course is a must and was strictly enforced. I would recommend PA Security Training Institute to anyone who is looking for their act 235, or just a refresher course in handguns 

Dan Lewis                                                                                                                                                          

Very good class!!

Rocky Nelson.

Instructors were great, exhibited great knowledge about the topics

Nicholas Ratliff - Assistant Security Supervisor

No B.S., very direct and straight to the point, good class, good presenters

Stephen Cain - Alpha Resources Security

Very thorough and knowledgeable staff

Michael Holder - Romans XIII

Thank you Bill Hughes - good course, easy for novice gun owner

George Sims

My wife and I took the NRA Basic course, Bill was extremely knowledgable and congenial

Todd Kopko

Bill Hughes was a great instructor, nice, pleasant, knowledgable in all areas of firearms, really enjoyed the class

Leigh Kopko

Jeff and his staff were well versed on the curriculum and the information delivered, the instructors were great in dealing with the students and weather factors and very accommodating. Experts in the field of security.

Gary Persing

No B.S. straightforward approach to teaching practical and tactical exercises. Course covered all material relevant to the certification, the instructors all have a good working knowledge and background in the industry.

Ted Babich

Instructors were very knowledgable, information was presented in a well organized professional order. Very relevant to reality based incident training.

Eric Amsden - INPAX

Scenario training was very informative and relevant to real world situations, knowledgable and professional instructors.

Tom Currey - City of Connellsville

Jeff Hughes is an amazing instructor, I will definitely be back for more classes!!!

Ben Jones - Student (MPOETC/PSP ACT 235 Basic Certification)

I enjoyed the frank, honest teaching style, no coddling, no sugar coating, no political correctness, very straightforward and very realistic training, no lack of senseless filler content, every lesson had a purpose. Jeff is an honest man with an uncompromising moral compass, an is extremely competent in his field, I have no qualms recommending him or his staff of instructors for training.

Andrew Austin - Student (MPOETC/PSP ACT 235 Basic Certification)

Just completed an Act 235 certification program through PSTI. Jeff Hughes and his staff were great instructors and made everything easy to understand. The hands on practical application was a great learning oportunity. I strongly recommend anyone wanting to certify for Act 235 to consider them.

Stephen Helzerman - Student (MPOETC/PSP LWTA Basic Certification)

Class was east to understand and made some complex aspects plain and simple. The instructors adapted to meet the individual needs of the students. The overall experience was great. The range was great and the encouragement of the instructors gave me the confidence to perform better.

LaVaughn Peterson (Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper)

Open discussion, detailed information, Instructors were professional, easy going, approachable and very knowledgable!!

Bruce Crivaro

Very Informative, Instructors Hughes and Sneddon were great to interact with, open to all questions, knowledgable and professional

Chris Williams

Very knowledgeable team of instructors, A+

Robert Gratzmiller

The course was very enlightening and informative, the clarity and discussions of policy and procedure were very helpful, The team of instructors were very knowledgeable.

Shad Hixenbaugh

The customized course allowed for more personable training, Jeff Hughes is an expert in his field.

Justin King (Assistant Director of Safety/Security Nemcolin Woodlands Resort)