Global Protection Systems

Our Mission

Global Protection Systems is a worldwide team of professionals, dedicated to changing the way that the world views safety on every level. From self protection courses, medical courses, to chemical, biological, radiological and natural Disaster (CBRN) training, to tactical shooting and counter improvised explosive device training; Global Protection Systems is represented by leading figures in every field. 

Our presence in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia allows us to train you and your team in the best possible facilities, and with the best trainers to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking to increase skill levels, gain qualifications, or obtain legal compliance for your organisation, Global Protection Systems can help you.  


“... Arguably the UK’s foremost authority on self protection”
— Bob Sykes, Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine

What We offer

Global Protection Systems is a worldwide organisation that has bridged:

Martin Brown

Global Director

Martin Brown is one of the world's leading authorities on self protection and safety. He is a key writer for Martial Arts Illustrated magazine in the UK for their self protection and safety content, and he teaches all over the world.

Martin has taught SWAT, Department of Defense trainers, security professionals, and in the martial arts world men and women ranked as 'masters' of their chosen fields


Sphere Protection Services are an independent service, operating both in the UK and Worldwide. Our specialist security services cover a wide range of services. Threat and risk assessments are carried out to ensure that all your protective needs are in place, we provide the security detail required.