Founded in 1999 PSTI  is Pennsylvania's premiere training center providing professional training courses to the Law Enforcement, Public Safety/Security industry.

With courses being held throughout the United States and having our headquarters located in historic Uniontown, just 45 miles south of Pittsburgh, PSTI is the answer to obtaining the necessary training to enter the expanding field of law enforcement and security.

Your instructors are active, experienced Military, Law Enforcement, and Security professionals  teaching and working in the field of law enforcement, public safety, corrections,  and security.

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Jeffrey W. Hughes,  Owner PSTI

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When offering a service to a client, specifically in Public Safety, one must ask him/herself the following question,,,? Are my people really prepared and qualified to provide the type of service that my client needs?” If not, they may become a liability to you, and your client may become a client of someone else.

Use of Force is an issue of hot debate in today’s society. When we are retained to protect, it is assumed that we are trained and ready for anything that may happen.

Vicarious liability is a problem that plagues every manager…? Are my people properly trained and equipped to handle the job task?” If the answer is no, the service Pennsylvania Security Training Institute offers should be a consideration for your firm.




  • We are reliable & trustworthy for all of our clients
  • We ensure integrity and security


  • We are fair & honest in all of our dealings
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We ensure complete confidentiality of information entrusted to us
  • We strive to perform to the best of our abilities


  • Our policies & procedures are clearly defined, well communicated and applied equally to all
  • We made adequate disclosure of company information
  • We promote a culture of open communication at work


  • We strive for innovative, optimal training solutions for clients
  • We remain proactively sensitive to the clients and market needs
  • we ensure prompt service for all clients and business